Student Organizations

Club, service, and social organizations exist throughout the College community and are generally open to all students. A complete list of opportunities for involvement in these organizations can be found below. Someone wishing to start an organization should refer to the section on Registration and Authorization. All clubs and organizations are overseen by the Student Government Association (SGA).

Guidelines for Campus Organizations

There are many student organizations at Georgetown College serving a variety of purposes and interests. Every student organization affiliated with or existing at Georgetown College must have on file in the Student Government Office a current copy of its Registered Student Organization Form, and must update this document every fall semester.

Registration and Authorization

All clubs and organizations involving Georgetown College students need College authorization and/or a College approved sponsor or advisor and must be registered through the SGA. Such clubs and organizations must be recommended by an appropriate faculty/staff member or by a member of the Student Life staff. A club or organization seeking authorization must file an appropriate document identifying the purpose, policies and procedures, supervision, membership, activities, and authorization procedures as required by the College. The Dean of Students and SGA has the authority to accept or deny the registration of a new club.

A club/organization must maintain a minimum number of seven members to be a recognized club. A “Club & Organization Registration” form is available in the SGA Office. In order to be in good standing, a club/organization must fill out the “Club & Organization Annual Registration” form in the fall of every year. Registration may be denied or withdrawn at any time by the Dean of Students.

Organizational Financial Accounting

All organizations should meet financial obligations in a responsible manner. One irresponsible group can negatively affect the attitudes of merchants toward all campus groups. The residents can use these funds, but normal Business Office procedures must be followed. Damage to machines is paid for before profits are divided. The Offices of Student Life and Development must approve group solicitation efforts.

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