Section 5. Title IX Coordinator

  1. The Title IX Coordinator for Georgetown College Tiera Mason. She can be reached at tiera_mason@georgetowncollege.edu or 502‐863‐8373. To reach her after hours or in an emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 502‐863‐8111.There is also a Deputy Title IX Coordinator tasked with assisting in conducting investigations and implementing policy. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator is Kimberly Chandler and can be reached at Kimberly_horne@goergetowncollege.edu or 502‐863‐7057.
  2. The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the following:
    1. Oversight and implementation of the Title IX: Gender‐Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy including investigation and adjudication procedures.
    2. Ensuring all members of the investigation and adjudication teams for gender discrimination are trained in issues specific to gender discrimination and sexual misconduct.
    3. Educating the campus community on reporting requirements for gender‐based offenses including when and how to report instances of gender discrimination.
    4. Coordinate trainings for the campus community (students, faculty and staff) on issues of gender discrimination and sexual misconduct.

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