Section 4. Options for Assistance

  1. Assistance immediately after an incident of sexual misconduct
    1. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, the following procedures are encouraged.
      1. Go to a safe place.
      2. Call someone whom you trust and/or
      3. Please consider seeing a medical professional. There are many benefits from doing so. Seek medical care at an emergency room or hospital of your choice. It is important to have a medical exam to check for physical injuries and disease, to dispense pregnancy information and prophylaxis if necessary, and to collect evidence should you decide to prosecute. If you are planning on filing a criminal complaint, the medical exam must be done within 72 hours of the assault. You may have the exam and then decide not to prosecute. It may be helpful to ask for someone you trust, a Georgetown staff member or a volunteer from the Rape Crisis Center to go with you.
      4. If you want to prosecute, there are steps you can take to help preserve evidence. You should avoid changing clothes, bathing, douching, urinating or defecating before arriving at the Emergency Room. Urine samples will be necessary to test for any date rape drugs. Do bring extra clothes with you, as clothing may be held as evidence.
  2. We encourage you to report any instance of sex discrimination or sexual misconduct to campus personnel so we may provide you with support, assistance and resources. Campus personnel can also assist you in contacting other resources both on and off campus.
    1. Campus Safety: 502‐863‐8111
      1. Available 24 hours a day
      2. Campus Safety can also connect you with a campus counselor or the Title IX Coordinator in after‐hours emergencies
    2. Title IX Coordinator: Tiera Mason, 502‐863‐8373
      1. To reach after hours please contact Campus Safety at 502‐863‐8111
      2. Title IX Coordinator Deputy:  
        1. Kimberly Chandler, 502‐863‐7057
    3. Student Wellness Center Counselors: 502‐863‐7074
      1. To reach after hours please contact Campus Safety at 502‐863‐8111
    4. Local Law Enforcement: 911 or 502‐863‐7820
    5. Ampersand (Sexual Violence Resource Center): 859‐253‐2511
    6. Georgetown Community Hospital: 502‐868‐1201
      1. Please note this hospital does not offer Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners or “rape kits”. UK Chandler Hospital in Lexington, KY offers these services. Their contact number is below.
    7. UK Chandler Hospital: 859‐323‐5000
    8. Scott County Attorney’s Office: (502) 863‐7870
  3. The College will also offer remedies and/or accommodations for individuals reporting issues of sexual misconduct. Some examples of these are below. No formal complaint or investigation, campus or criminal, need occur before these options are available.
  4. The College will:
    1. Inform the reporting party of, and offer to assist in accessing available resources both on and off campus such as mental health counseling, physical health care providers, legal assistance and victim advocacy services.
    2. Inform the reporting party of the right to report to local law enforcement and provide assistance if the reporting party so wishes.
    3. Offer other security and support services such as:
      1. Issuing a campus no‐contact order against an individual who has engaged in or threatens to engage in sexual misconduct, stalking, threatening, harassing or other improper behavior that presents a danger to the welfare of the reporting party or others;
      2. Arranging a change of living, working arrangements or academic accommodations so the reporting party need not face the respondent. Academic accommodations will vary based on the situation and class, but may include things such as assignment rescheduling, taking an incomplete in a class, transferring class sections, temporary withdrawal, alternative course completion options, etc.
  5. Ongoing Assistance
    You may have needs for ongoing support and many questions in the days and weeks following instances of gender discrimination and/or sexual violence. Georgetown College encourages you to utilize the following resources. These resources are available to you whether or not you choose to make an official report or participate in an institutional disciplinary and/or criminal process
    1. Counseling and Advocacy Services
      1. On campus: Student Wellness Center: 502‐863‐7074
        1. Services are free to students
      2. Off campus: Ampersand (Sexual Violence Resource Center) : 853‐253‐2511
    2. Health Care Providers
      1. On campus: Student Wellness Center: 502‐ 863‐8201
        1. Services are free to students
      2. Off campus: Georgetown Community Hospital: 502‐868‐1201
      3. Off campus: UK Chandler Hospital: 859‐323‐5000
    3. Legal Services
      1. Off campus: Scott County Attorney’s Office: (502) 863‐7870
    4. Georgetown College Title IX Coordinator: Tiera Mason 502‐863‐8373
      1. The Title IX Coordinator is trained in issues of sex discrimination and can connect you to resources, answer questions and offer other forms of assistance as appropriate. The Title IX Coordinator can help provide ongoing support with a disciplinary process.

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