1. Georgetown College is committed to providing all individuals with an environment free of gender‐based discrimination. Georgetown College prohibits all forms of gender discrimination including, but not limited to dating violence, domestic violence, staking, sex/gender‐based intimidation and/or harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual violence. Instances of gender discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated. Should such issues arise, the college has policies and procedures in place to handle these situations thoroughly, effectively and in a timely manner. These policies are not and should not be construed to be a replacement or alternative for the criminal justice system, rather, they provide avenues through which the campus community may work to create a better environment.
  2. The College will:
    1. Respond to and investigate every reported complaint in a timely manner
    2. Provide involved parties with appropriate resources such as connection to legal, mental and physical health care providers, as well as campus policies on gender discrimination
    3. Provide remedies when misconduct is discovered
    4. Impose appropriate sanctions on a case‐by‐case basis
    5. Protect the privacy of all those involved to the extent it is possible, and where protecting that privacy does not put the individual or others at risk
  3. Georgetown College is committed to addressing all forms of gender discrimination through enacting preventative measures, educating the campus community and the establishment of thorough grievance procedures. Georgetown College employees at all levels are responsible for taking reasonable and necessary action to prevent, address, and respond to gender discrimination as permissible by their professional guidelines, which are based on the capacity in which they were hired by the College. For example, those hired as mental health counselors may be exempt from reporting instances of sexual assault if the individual does not pose a threat to themselves or the campus community. However, a faculty member who may also hold a degree in counseling would still be required to report as he/she was hired by the College in the capacity of faculty rather than mental health counselor.

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