Campus Parking and Vehicle Policy

All students who plan to park on campus must purchase a parking permit and register their vehicle with Campus Safety. This includes fifth-year seniors, commuter students, student teachers, and high school students attending classes on campus. A current parking decal must be displayed on any vehicle parked on Georgetown College property.

Parking Permits

  • You may apply for you parking permit in person at the Campus Safety office or at https://my.georgetowncollege.edu/ICS/Campus_Life/Vehicle_Registration.jnz.
  • Permits are $100 and are valid from July 1st through June 30th and must be renewed each year.

  • Permits are to be displayed on the outside lower-left corner of the vehicle's rear window.

    • Convertibles and vehicles with a soft top may display their permit on the lower-left corner of the front windshield.
    • Motorcycles and mopeds are subject to the same regulations as other motor vehicles.
    • The permit fee will be billed to your student account and paid through the Business Office, not the Campus Safety office.
    • Parking permits are not included in your tuition or housing/dining fees.
    • Those who fail to obtain a permit are subject to parking violations and fines.
    • Additional vehicles and permits
    • If you get a new car or temporarily drive another family vehicle you may obtain an additional permit for free but must register the vehicle with Campus Safety.
      • Temporary vehicles that are not registered with Campus Safety will be subject to parking violations and fines.

  • If you have two vehicles on campus at the same time you would need to purchase a 2nd parking permit.

  • Show your Tiger Pride with a KY state issued Georgetown College license plate and you will receive a $10 discount on your parking permit!

Authorized Parking Locations

  • No student parking is allowed in Giddings Circle, Pawling Circle, Anderson Lot West, and the Wellness Center parking lots Monday thru Friday between 7:00am-6:00pm.
  • Students are not permitted to park in front of the conference center on East Campus at any time.
  • RD parking spots are assigned by residence hall and only the RD for that specific residence hall may park in that assigned spot.
  • No parking on sidewalks, grass, or in the quad is allowed without expressed written prior consent of the Director of Campus Safety.
  • Additional Campus Area Parking:
    • Students may park legally on city streets in marked spots

      • Note: Dudley Avenue and Clayton Avenue (except for a portion behind the Pike House to Hollyhock Lane which is public parking) are reserved residential permit parking only and enforced by Georgetown Police Department.Georgetown Baptist Church parking lot.

    • Georgetown Baptist Church parking lot.

      • Georgetown Baptist Church has been very gracious in allowing parking in their lot on Mulberry Street Monday thru Saturday. Please be respectful to the church and do not park in the lot on Sundays.

Parking Violations

  • Campus Safety Officers have the authority to issue a citation and/or the ability to tow any vehicle in violation of parking policies on Georgetown College Property. Parking fines are not an effort to charge additional fees to our students but to maintain a safe and orderly parking system on campus. Officers monitor parking areas 24/7, however there are no quotas or minimum number of citations officers must issue.
  • The driver and the registered owner of the vehicle will both be responsible for violation(s) of Georgetown College parking polices. 
    • These include fines, towing fees, related, charges and possible disciplinary action. 
    • You are responsible for your registered vehicle on campus no matter who the driver was at the time of the violation.
  • There will be a $10 reduction of total fine for all parking citations paid within 3 business days.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be towed from campus property. Vehicles will be deemed abandoned if one of the following criteria is met and Campus Safety cannot contact a registered driver/owner.
  • Vehicle has not been moved for 14 days. (Vehicles are not to be left on campus during winter or summer breaks without permission from Campus Safety or Student Life.)
  • Vehicle has flat tires, broken windows, or other significant damage.

Violations and Fines

Failure to Display Current Permit Decal


Disabled Parking without a Permit


Parking in Reserved/Restricted Area


Driving/Parking on Grounds/Sidewalk


Improper Parking*


Improper Display of Parking Permit Decal


Habitual Offender**


Failure to Remedy Citation***



*Improper parking could consist of but is not limited to parking on/over the line, not pulling in far enough into the parking spot, parking that would prevent another vehicle from parking in an adjacent spot, etc.

**Students and/or vehicles that receive multiple (3 or more) parking violations within a semester may be cited as a habitual offender on top of any current violations. This may be done at the time of the citation by an officer or within 7 days of the latest violation by the Campus Safety Director after reviewing student/vehicle history.

***A Failure to Remedy Citation is defined as when a vehicle is cited, and the offense is not corrected within an 8-hour time period for most violations. For violations that require a more urgent response, the officer will contact the permit owner and they must respond to the violation that the officer advised them of. Officers will consider the totality of the circumstances when determining response time.

The responding towing company will determine tow and impoundment fees.

Parking Citation Appeals

  • Appeals
    • Students may appeal any parking citation to the Campus Safety Director within 5 days of the citation being issued. Do not pay any portion of your fine while it is in the appeal process.
    • An appeal form can be obtained from the Campus Safety office. You should include a written explanation of the circumstances for the appeal and a copy of the parking citation. The explanation does not have to be extensive but should be well-written, please refrain from rude or sarcastic language in your explanation, as these will not be accepted.
  • Campus Safety Director Review and Recommendation

    • The Campus Safety Director at his/her discretion may dismiss a violation, reduce the fine or make other arrangements after reviewing an appeal.
    • After reviewing the appeal, the Campus Safety Director will communicate to the student his/her recommendation. If the student agrees to the recommendation of the Campus Safety Director, they will sign an Appeal Agreement. If the student does not accept the Campus Safety Directors recommendation, then the appeal will be sent to the Parking Appeals Committee.
  • Parking Appeals Committee 

    • Appeals in which the student does not accept the Campus Safety Director’s recommendation will be reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee. 
    • The Parking appeal committee will meet monthly as needed.
    • The committee will be comprised of 1 faculty/staff member and students that have applied and been selected to serve on the committee. The committee will select a student chair to conduct the appeal board meetings. The Director of Campus Safety will oversee the committee and can participate in discussions but will not be a voting member.
    • The decision of the Parking Appeals Committee is final, and no further appeals will be considered. A letter and email will be sent to inform you of the committee’s decision; if you still are required to pay a fine you can still receive a $10 discount if paid within 3 days of receiving the letter.


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