Student Handbook

This handbook will be a valuable resource during your time as a student at Georgetown College. The information contained in this handbook will provide a summary of the traditions, services, opportunities, resources, and expectations that form the basis by which all of us live, work, study, and grow together. The information is especially pertinent to your success. While regulations regarding student life are few, our interest in preserving the Christian context and high ideals for current and future Georgetonians is significant. The Student Handbook will help you become a part of this active and innovative community.

The Student Handbook is an official document of Georgetown College and contains the current policies governing student life. The policies and regulations published in the Handbook supersede the constitutions, bylaws, or standing rules of any organizations. Students are expected to become familiar with the contents of this Handbook and conduct themselves accordingly.

In compliance with federal law, including provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Georgetown College does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender, age, disability, or veteran/reserve/National Guard status in its administration of education policies, programs, or activities, or in its admissions policies. Inquires or concerns should be directed to the Office of Student Life. 

Off‐campus social functions by service, club, or social organizations are beyond the scope of control by the College. Neither the presence of an advisor or other employee of the College; the listing of the functions on the College calendar; nor any other College involvement with the club or organization or event shall be construed to cause an off‐campus event to be a College event or one which the College, its agents, servants, or employees supervise or control.

No service, club, or social organization is permitted to present itself as an agent of the College. The College does not permit the use of its name in any way by service, club, or social organization in the purchase, rental, lease, borrowing, or any other supplies or services secured for the purpose of holding a social activity. Georgetown College is not responsible for any indebtedness, account, or other financial arrangement made by any student, student organization, faculty member, or other employee, unless authorized by official purchase order signed by the President, Treasurer, or Controller, or in writing by the Trustees through the President. The Board of Trustees establishes these policies in order to maintain fair, consistent, and sound business relationships.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Campus Safety: 502‐863‐8111
  • Police: 502‐863‐7820
  • Fire: 502‐863‐7830
  • Ambulance: 502‐863‐7840
  • Student Life Office: 502‐863‐8004

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