European Studies

European Studies

European Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a comprehensive view of Europe, past and present, from a variety of perspectives. This program provides a solid grounding in the liberal arts and is excellent preparation for advanced study in graduate or professional school. Majors are encouraged to study abroad.

A student completing the European Studies major will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the key factors shaping European history and culture;
  • Awareness of the variety of cultural influences that shape European society including (but not limited to) such fields as art, politics, literature, religion, and philosophy;
  • The capacity to produce written and oral analysis of aspects of European culture;
  • Communication skill in a European language in addition to English.

Program Type

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Contact

Professor Cliff Wargelin

Program Options

Students majoring in European Studies must choose one track.


Core Courses

(9 hours required)

Required Course Selections

(12 hours required)


Elective Courses

(15 hours required)

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