Special Education with LBD and MSD (60 Hour Program)

Special Education with LBD and MSD (60 Hour Program)

Special Education teachers in Kentucky instruct students with a variety of disabilities. Georgetown College has responded to this need to equip excellent teachers to teach LBD and MSD students by creating a unique dual certification program. Completers will earn a Master’s Degree in LBD and MSD certification and obtain their Rank 1.

Program Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Program Contact

Professor Melody Deprez

Program Options

Core Courses

(51 hours required)

Clinical Practice Course

(3-6 hours required; select one track)

Elective Courses

  • As needed to earn a total of 60 credit hours.  Elective courses must be approved by the program director.



Candidates are required to have field experience with LBD and MSD students across the P-12 age/grade continuum.

Initial candidates must complete 15 weeks of student teaching with LBD students.

Candidates must pass the LBD and MSD specialty Praxis.

Alternative Route (Option 6) Program: This program is designed for those currently teaching under temporary provisional certificates. This is for initial candidates only.  Candidates will be required to take EDU623 for zero credit hours. This class is used to observe candidates who are not in a formal field placement class (ECE575A, ECE575B, ECE586).

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