Graduate Courses

Course Results

3 credit hours

ECE614: Social Skills Development and Community Access

This course examines the community resources and access for students with moderate to severe disabilities. The course explores social skill theories of development and how it impacts students in the MSD classroom. Candidates are required to complete a field practicum working with MSD students as a requirement of this class.

6 credit hours

ECE616: Field Component in MSD

ECE616 is the final clinical field experience for the MSD Initial certification program. Initial MSD candidates will enroll in 6 hours and complete either a mentored field experience or supervised student teaching. Using KTIP as a model and with the assistance of a mentor teacher and a college supervisor, candidates will assess strengths and needs of MSD students in a chosen classroom. When the needs have been identified for each student, various strategies will be utilized to pinpoint specific areas in which classroom effectiveness can be improved.

3 credit hours

EDA600: Introduction to School Leadership by Leading Teaching and Learning

Instructional leaders have a knowledge base of curriculum and how curriculum drives instruction. Effective principals understand how other facets of the school (i.e. discipline, special education, food service, transportation, etc.) impact curriculum and instruction. This introductory course provides an overview of several facets of school administration and their relationship to curriculum. These areas will be addressed through a review and assessment of current individual school improvement plans and artifact data.

3 credit hours

EDA602: Leadership for Human Resources Development in Schools

This course will examine the importance of hiring and retaining highly qualified staff. Examination of legal aspects of working with personnel including evaluations/supervision, professional development, site-based decision making procedures and working with unions will be examined. Personnel decisions impact instructional best practices and how they are aligned with teacher standards and expectations with the development of school improvement and professional development plans to increase student achievement will also be addressed.

3 credit hours

EDA604: Organization and Legal Aspects of the School Principal

Students will learn the laws, regulations, and policies under which schools must function for legal and ethical implications regarding principal leadership and student achievement. Systems thinking related to student learning and achievement and the role of shared decision-making in school improvement planning will also be investigated.

3 credit hours

EDA605: Field Experiences in Leadership I

Candidates will participate in field-based experiences related to content learned in EDA600, EDA602, and EDA604. A major anchor assessment is completed as a part of this class.

3 credit hours

EDA606: School Climate and Culture

In this course, candidates will research, analyze, and evaluate the role of the principal as cultural manager, change agent, community builder and ethical leader. Field work to compare research findings with site data collection will be analyzed and presented. Case studies will be developed for legal and ethical implications regarding the impact of culture on principal leadership and student achievement.

3 credit hours

EDA608: Leveraging Community Systems and Resources

This course is designed to immerse the candidate in building relationships with families, developing partnerships with community stakeholders, and working collaboratively with both while leveraging varied and multiple resources to support shared goals and objectives within the school community.

3 credit hours

EDA610: Planning and Management of Technology in Schools for School Leaders

Candidates will address issues in technology leadership at the school leadership level, including setting a vision, integrating technology into instruction and administration, technology professional development and practice, managing technology support, assessment and evaluation, and ensuring social, legal, and ethical use.

3 credit hours

EDA611: Field Experiences in Leadership II

Candidates will participate in field-based experiences related to content learned in EDA606 and EDA608. A major assessment will be completed as a part of this class.

3 credit hours

EDA612: Using Data for Instructional Decision-Making

This course is designed for candidates to examine demographic and achievement data in their school against a backdrop of current educational issues. Students will analyze data and develop a proposal for a School Improvement Plan/Capstone Research project. This plan will include the description of the problem, a literature review, a description of the plan, the data analysis, and the research methodology relevant to the Capstone proposal. The SIP (Capstone project) will be implemented in EDA614.

3 credit hours

EDA614: School Leadership Practicum

Candidates implement their Capstone Project that was designed in EDA612 and present results to school staff and the school’s site-based council following implementation. A final oral defense of the work before a panel of faculty and practicing school administrators is required.

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