ENG526: Teaching P-12 Writing Across the Curriculum

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An online study of important principles and methods used in teaching writing in order to accommodate special needs and a diverse student population. Applying guidelines from the state (KDE), Common Core Standards, and National Standards (NCTE), the class will read grade-level appropriate texts, participate in forums, and discuss (1) how to improve their informational and argumentative writing assignments in various disciplines and at various levels; (2) how to improve peer review and group work to minimize teacher work and to allow student ownership of writing/learning; (3) how to improve evaluation and grading of student writing. As a culminating project, each participant will write and peer review (using Canvas (LMS) or other online collaborative software) a short syllabus of writing activities that reflects new or improved activities to address varying needs. Prerequisites:  Open to all candidates admitted to the Graduate Studies program at Georgetown College. Can be an elective for MSD Rank I program. Summer 2

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