EDU630: Technology in the Online Classroom

About This Course

This course focuses on acquiring technology skills and best practice use of technology in designing and implementing online learning resources. By focusing on research and design considerations and best practices, students will learn about different technical aspects of teaching online, technology-related skills and tools used in online teaching, course management systems and communication technologies, online accessibility issues, and online-related legal and ethical considerations. This course counts as an elective in the Instructional Technology Endorsement, and an elective in other advanced programs.

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

EDU527: Advanced Applications of Technology for Teacher Leaders

This online course focuses on developing teachersā€™ use oftechnology to manage their professional lives as they collaborate with colleagues and serve in leadership roles that extend beyond their own classroom. It also allows the candidateĀ to explore how technology can be used more effectively, or applied to problems, in the classroom, school, or district. Teachers will conduct research and explore various data sources to identify problems (technical and non-technical) that exist in their school or district.


3 credit hours

EDU542: Classroom Applications of Technology

Introduction to computers as an educational tool through study of application software packages for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and the use of the Internet and e-mail in the classroom. Assistive technology and universal design for learning is included for special education teachers.


premission of instructor

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