EDU529: Teaching in a Diverse Society: Deepening the Skills for Teacher Leaders

About This Course

Caring and committed educators who are teacher leaders serve children and families through knowledge of best practices and instructional differentiation. This course is designed to enhance candidates’ commitment to diversity and to students and families by developing quality instructional opportunities for all students regardless of language, race, ethnicity, gender, exceptionality, socioeconomic status, religion, ability status, sexual orientation or geographic area. Culturally responsive teachers facilitate and support learning for all students regardless of their diversities. This course deepens candidate’s understanding of teaching and learning through examination of the diverse make-up of today’s communities, schools and classrooms. Through personal reflection and identification of theoretically sound and culturally responsive pedagogy, this course prepares the candidate to model, mentor and lead efforts in creating a school climate that effectively addresses the learning needs of all students. In this course, candidates will beassessed on their ability to design and implement an instructional plan that is research-based and differentially relevant for diverse populations.

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