EDU523: Practicum in Gifted Education

About This Course

Candidates complete a series of tasks which are applications of much of the material from EDU520 and EDU521, including working directly with gifted students. In addition to completing the tasks, candidates are expected to communicate online with the others taking the course to establish and maintain collegial relationships. Prerequisites: EDU520, EDU521

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

EDU520: Foundations of Gifted Education

Candidates study the historical background of the concept of gifted education;  theories of intelligence and other abilities; growth and development of the  gifted student; and special problems encountered by gifted children

3 credit hours

EDU521: Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education

Candidates study current research in curriculum for the gifted; explore various curriculum models and relevant teaching principles, and produce a workable curriculum design. They also explore regional and local regulations pertaining to services to gifted and talented students, curriculum designs of various districts, and actual teacher practices.

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