EDU510: Foundations: Becoming a Teacher Leader

About This Course

This initial course in the Teacher Leader Master's program examines the role of the teacher leader in today's schools and engages candidates in self-assessment of relevant skills, providing a foundation upon which their professional development as teacher leaders will be built. Candidates examine the governance and process of schooling, as well as personal identity as professionals within a democratic and pluralistic society. The course supports the College's mission and tradition by giving each individual the opportunity to examine, evaluate, and develop a personal view of service to students, the teaching profession, and professional development within the context of developing teacher leader skills. Study of relevant professional literature, self-evaluation, introspection, reflection, and collegial dialogue are incorporated throughout the class.Candidates will learn to read,analyze and discuss scholarly, peer-reviewed literature and put it in conversation with the course readings so as to cultivate foundational skills for writing a capstone research project, in APA Style,at the end of their program. They willalso develop a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) that identifies particular areas for professional growth of teacher leader skills and is consistent with needs within school contexts.This will serve as a guiding document throughout their MATL program.

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