NKU Special Education Traineeship

Northern Kentucky University Special Education Traineeship

  • This program provides federal professional development funds to assist certified regular education teachers in obtaining certification in an area of special education. Also, the program can assist special educators in obtaining special education certification in an area not previously completed.
  • To view program requirements and to download an application (which you must mail back), go to. http://kytraineeship.org.
  • Communications about this program and funding decisions come directly from the Northern Kentucky University Traineeship office.
  • The FAFSA is not required to determine your eligibility for this program.
  • The Traineeship program has been paying $395 per credit hour for approved courses, but may vary.
  • Candidates must apply every semester: contact the program office for deadlines.

For questions about this program, e-mail kytraineeship@kytraineeship.org.

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