As a private, faith-based institution, Georgetown College receives no support through taxes or public revenue. In fact, tuition covers only a part of the actual expenses involved. Support from the endowment, gifts and grants from alumni, friends of the college, and organizations total over 35% of the actual cost of each student’s education, helping to keep direct costs as low as possible. The College administers an extensive financial assistance program; no prospective student should overlook Georgetown College for purely financial reasons until investigating fully the amount and types of aid available.

Basic Charges

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the following basic student charges apply:

Tuition $410/semester hour
Audit $395/course

Field Studied/Mentored Teaching Fees

ECE 575 A & B, 576, 586, 608, 612, 614, 616

EDA 605, 611

EDU 532, 535, 536, 623

LiveText/Watermark Fee (Portfolio Fee) $90
Technology Fee $75/course

Service Charges

The following service charges apply:

Drop/Add $20
Reinstatement Fee (if dropped due to nonpayment) $20
Transcript Fee $8

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