It is the responsibility of each candidate to access his or her bill at the website (login is required). The Business Office sends all billing information by email to each candidate’s college email address. No paper bills are sent. If the candidate makes changes to his or her registration and the billed amount changes, a corrected e-bill may not be received prior to the due date. If the candidate registers late, a bill may not be received prior to the due date. If the candidate has not received a bill prior to the payment deadline, it is the candidate’s responsibility to contact the Business Office to arrange payment. Student billing information is always available on the Georgetown College Portal: (login is required).

Payment Due Dates for 2019-2020
Session Due Date

Fall 2019

Fall 1 2019

Fall 2 2019




Spring 2020

Spring 1 2020

Spring 2 2020




Summer 1 2020

Summer 2 2020



Current Student Accounts  

Registration is complete upon receipt of either payment in full to the Business Office or partial payment and completion of the Deferred Payment Agreement. The Deferred Payment form is on the downloadable form section of the “finances” tab on (login is required). The candidate should print the form, sign it, and mail it to Georgetown College Student Accounts, 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324. To receive financial clearance for classes, candidates must confirm registration by paying charges in full or by making arrangements to pay the bill in installments. Both methods require the candidate to contact the Business Office. If registration is not confirmed by the candidate, registration will be cancelled and the candidate will be billed drop charges plus tuition and fees subject to the refund schedule. For all sessions, please refer to the Drop Dates for Non-Payment schedule.

Deferred Payment

A Deferred Payment Agreement plan is available by semester for graduate tuition. Initial billing will be e-mailed to candidates approximately three weeks before the start of class. Registration can be viewed on (login is required). Deferred payment forms are available for downloading, and electronic payment can be made on (login is required). Payments of at least 1/3 of the total charges for the semester will be made over three consecutive months for fall and spring. For summer sessions, payments of at least 1/3 of the total charges for the summer will be made over three consecutive months.

Deferred Payment Plan Due Dates for 2019-2020
Session Due Date
Fall 2019

1st payment - 08/05/2019

2nd payment - 09/05/2019

3rd payment - 10/09/2019

Spring 2020

1st payment - 12/20/2019

2nd payment - 01/20/2020

3rd payment - 06/08/2020

Summer 1 and Summer 2 2020

1st payment - 04/08/2020

2nd payment - 05/08/2020

3rd payment - 06/08/2020


Past Due Student Accounts

Any candidate with a past due account will not be permitted to register, nor will that candidate be able to receive a transcript or a diploma until the account is paid in full. At the end of each semester, the candidate with an open account assumes collection and legal fees, if any.

Service Fees

A service charge of 1% will be charged each month on candidate accounts.

Drops for Nonpayment/Reinstatement

Candidates who have not received financial clearance by the deadline will be dropped from all classes. In addition to the $20 drop fees per course, candidates will be billed according to the refund schedule. Please refer to the refund schedule on the Business Office website. Click on the link for the semester in which you are enrolled. If a candidate is dropped for nonpayment and wishes to make the payment to be reinstated in the class, the reinstatement fee will be $50.

Drop Dates for Nonpayment

(NOTE: The refund schedule will apply to drops for nonpayment).

Fall 2019                                                  09/03/2019

Fall 1 2019                                                09/03/2019

Fall 2 2019                                               10/21/2019

Spring 2020                                              01/20/2020

Spring 1 2020                                            01/20/2020

Spring 2 2020                                            03/09/2020

Summer 1 2020                                          05/04/2020

Summer 2 2020                                          06/29/2020


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