Special/Visiting/Undergraduate Students

Special Students

An applicant who does not meet the entrance requirements for a degree program and/or is awaiting receipt of required admission criteria (i.e., a valid teaching certificate, a transcript with posted degree, or official notification of a passing GRE or required test, etc.) may enroll as a Special Student. Special Students are limited to a total of 6 credit hours of coursework. All criteria for admission, with the exception of the criteria that precluded regular admission, must be submitted for candidates seeking admission to a graduate program.


Visiting Students

An applicant who is enrolled in a graduate program at another institution may enroll for courses as a visiting student. The prospective candidate should submit:

  • An application form (available on the Graduate Education Website (http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/academics/graduate-programs)
  • A signed Professional Code of Ethics and FERPA form (contained in the online application)
  • Written permission letter from his/her current program advisor to register including the specific course(s) for which you are approved.

Visiting students are allowed to take only the class(es) indicated on the permission letter from their program advisor. At the completion of the course(es), the candidate will be provided a letter of completion by the Graduate Office.

An applicant who desires to take courses for educational purposes and does not intend to become a candidate for the master’s degree may also enroll as a visiting student. Typically, this would include candidates taking additional courses for professional development or to renew an expired teaching certificate. Candidates may take unlimited courses under this category, however only 6 hours may be transferred into a degree or endorsement/certification program (see Transfer of Credits policy).


Undergraduate Students

Applicants who hold a senior classification may be permitted to enroll as a Special Student provided the academic schedule does not exceed 16 total semester hours in a Fall or Spring semester with no more than 6 hours of graduate courses per semester. Undergraduate students may not take more than a total of 12 graduate credit hours under this policy. Only students who demonstrate outstanding scholastic ability will be considered. Undergraduates who want to request permission to take graduate courses under these circumstances should contact the Director of Graduate Admissions.


International Students

International students who meet specific program requirements for whom Georgetown College has appropriate programs at the graduate level are invited to submit an application to the Graduate Education program. Such applications must be supported by satisfactory evidence of qualifications to pursue a full course of study at this institution. Applications for admission of international students are not considered complete without official transcripts showing grades and degree(s) awarded, (see https://www.naces.org) for evaluation of international transcript, official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores, and scores on the verbal, quantitative, and analytical portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Georgetown’s minimum TOEFL score is 520 (paper)/190 (computer) /68(internet). International students are required to complete their admission procedures at least 30 days prior to the term in which they expect to enter.

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