Master of Arts in School Principalship Level 1 and Level 2


  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher at the master’s level
  • Documentation of three years of successful teaching experience
  • Three Program Entry Recommendation/Evaluations completed by: 1) your school principal, 2) a colleague, and 3) your superintendent (or his/her designee). These forms can be located on the online application.
  • One Memorandum of Agreement signed by your superintendent. If other candidates within your school corporation have previously been fully accepted to the Master of Arts Degree with Principal Certification Program, the MOA is not required.
  • Signed copies of the Kentucky School Personnel Code of Ethics and the confidentiality (FERPA) form. These forms can be located on the online application.
  • A Personal Essay that describes your journey as an educator. This essay must include the names of the school districts where you have worked, your job titles, and years/dates that you were employed.
  • A current Kentucky Teaching Certificate (Rank 2 or higher) or eligibility for Kentucky Teaching Certificate at the Rank 2 level or higher
  • Professional documents that include your most recent performance appraisal, and also describe and/or illustrate your experiences in relation to your professional development experiences, your ability to improve student achievement, and your leadership potential.
  • A successful interview by the admissions committee.

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