As a private, faith-based institution, Georgetown College receives no support through taxes or public revenue. In fact, tuition covers only a part of the actual expenses involved. Support from the endowment, gifts, and grants from alumni, friends of the college, organizations, and churches total over 35 percent of the actual cost of each student’s education, helping to keep direct costs as low as possible. The College administers an extensive financial assistance program; no prospective student should overlook Georgetown College for purely financial reasons until investigating fully the amount and types of aid available.

Definition of Residence. Residence is defined as the permanent residence of parents 90 days prior to registration at Georgetown College, or the permanent address of the student one year prior to initial registration if the student is independent of parental support. A student who marries subsequent to enrollment may assume the residency status of the spouse.

Deposits. A non-refundable enrollment deposit of $200 is required. A one-time dorm damage deposit of $100 is also required. It is returned (all or partially) at the end of the student’s career at Georgetown College.

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