Admission Criteria

  1. First-Time Freshmen
    First-time freshmen have graduated from high school but have not attended another institution.

    1. Submission of the Georgetown College Application for Admission.
    2. Graduation from high school (or completion of GED or obtained home school certification) supported by the submission of an official high school transcript or GED score. Applicants are expected to have 20 units of credit and to have completed the following: 4 Units in English, 3 Units in Mathematics (Including Algebra I & Algebra II), 3 Units in Science, 2 Units in Social Science, and 2 Units in Foreign Language. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Ideally, applicants should have an overall average of “B” or better in college preparatory subjects.
    4. Submission of ACT or SAT scores. Ideally, applicants should submit scores at or above national averages.
    5. If a student who does not meet the requirements is admitted to Georgetown College, the student the student will be placed in the Academic Centered Experience Program (ACE) at Georgetown College and will be subject to all requirements and restrictions of that status.
  2. Transfer Students
    Transfer students have enrolled at another institution after completing high school and are applying to be a student at Georgetown College.
    1. Transfer students with less than 24 hours must meet all criteria stated in Admissions Criteria A, given that the student is in good academic standing at their most recent institution.
    2. Students applying to Georgetown College who have not maintained the minimum scholastic attainment for the number of cumulative quality hours attempted at their most recent institution must provide a personal statement examining the causes for the failure to thrive and proposing what will be different for the student if admitted to Georgetown College.
    3. All transcripts from any and all previously attended institutions must be forwarded to the Office of Admissions.
    4. If a student who has not maintained the minimum scholastic attainment from their current institution is admitted to Georgetown College, the student will be placed in the Academic Centered Experience Program (ACE) at Georgetown College and will be subject to all requirements and restrictions of that status.
    5. For policies on transferring credit, review catalog section Academic Policies and Regulations.
  3. Readmitted Students
    Readmitted students are defined as students who had enrolled as a full-time student and either voluntarily chose to leave or were involuntarily dismissed and are seeking re-admission to Georgetown College. Readmitted students may not have enrolled in another institution before seeking re-admission to Georgetown College. Those who have left Georgetown College and enrolled at any point in another institution are to be classified as transfer students; Admission Criteria B outlines the appropriate process.
    1. All former students at Georgetown who have been absent for one or more terms and are interested in returning to full-time status must submit an application for admission.
    2. Returning students do not need to submit a second final high school transcript or exam scores.
    3. Notification of receipt of a student’s readmission application will be sent to Student Life, the business office, student financial planning, the Office of Academic Success, and the registrar’s office, and before any action will be taken, all five departments must return an affirmative statement for the application to receive a decision.
    4. Students can be reviewed by the Admissions, and, in special circumstances (e.g. suspension or probation), may be required to go through the Academic Policy Committee for re-admission. See Academic Policies section for additional information on the process for readmission after suspension.
  4. Non-Degree Seeking/Dual-Credit/Transient Students
    Non-degree seeking students are defined as individuals who are interested in taking a class or two at Georgetown for personal/professional development but who do not plan to enroll for a degree. This category includes local high school (Scott and surrounding counties) students who are allowed to take up to three classes per semester, either on campus or at their high school. This category also includes transient students who are typically enrolled full-time at another college/university and are applying to take a minimal course load at Georgetown College.
    Students in this category must submit a completed application for admission and, if possible, a “good standing” letter from the student’s current institution.

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