Other Requirements and Policies

Total Credit Hours Required

The student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, including Foundations & Core curriculum requirements, upper division course requirements, and requirements in the major area and minor area of study. Students should be aware that some combinations of majors and minors require more semester hours than others and may create degree programs of more than 120 semester hours. A required level of achievement is a grade point average of 2.0 or better. At least 25% of coursework for a degree must be taken at Georgetown College, including those stipulated in the residence requirement.

Upper Level Hours

Each student must complete 39 semester hours of upper division courses (300-level and above) toward the required minimum total of 120 semester hours. Freshmen may not take courses numbered 300 and above without the approval of the Provost.

Residence Requirements

Thirty of the last 36 semester hours prior to graduation must be earned through Georgetown College. Credit earned abroad via the Oxford Program, consortia of which Georgetown College is a member, and/or the College’s affiliated study abroad partners is considered to be counted in the residence requirement so long as at least 25% of total degree hours, exclusive of college affiliated study abroad, are earned at Georgetown College.

Nexus Program

The Nexus program is designed to create meaningful connections that enhance, expand, and engage the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual life of the campus community. Completion of the program is required for graduation.

Students attending Georgetown College for eight full-time semesters are required to attend 48 events. Students attending less than eight full-time semesters will be required to attend a total of six events, including at least one Tiger event, per full-time semester at Georgetown College.

Nexus events are divided into four categories:

  1. Live-Learn-Believe Events (Know Your World – a minimum of 24 and maximum of 40 credits required);
  2. Tiger Events (Know Your Traditions – a minimum of eight credits required), selected from the following: Opening Convocation, Founder’s Day Convocation, Hanging of the Green, Chapel Services, Cawthorne Lecture, Redding Lecture, Jo Shoop Lecture, Hatfield Lecture, Collier Lecture, McCandless Program, Danford Thomas Program, and Foust Artist Series;
  3. Flex Events (Initiate Yourself – a maximum of eight credits possible but not required); and
  4. Immersion Events (Explore More Deeply – a maximum of eight credits possible but not required).

Nexus events will range from one to four credits (in the case of Flex Events, from one to three credits, and Immersion Events, from one to four credits), with the weighting being based upon the level of engagement at which the student participates.

Each semester, a list of Nexus events shall be posted on the portal (my.georgetowncollege.edu), as well as information regarding how to apply for Flex event credit. A tally of earned Nexus credit is kept as part of each student’s academic record. For many one-credit events (e.g., lecture, concert, gallery reception, worship service), a student will receive a ticket to complete and turn in at the conclusion of the event.

However, in some circumstances, the event coordinator may take attendance. These credits are then added to the student’s record. For Flex and Immersion Events, the coordinating faculty member will make a list of the participating students and forward to the Registrar’s Office for addition to the students’ record. Students should earn a minimum of six Nexus credits per each full-time semester at Georgetown to ensure a timely completion of their chosen degree program (although no more than 48 Nexus units are required to graduate). It is the student’s responsibility to monitor his/her progress in meeting this graduation requirement. The Nexus requirement shall be in addition to the Foundations & Core requirements and all other degree requirements.

Course Limitations

The following courses have limitations on the amount of credit earned that can be applied to graduation: GSC (seven semester hours); independent study and course by arrangement (15 semester hours); ROTC (16 semester hours); and internship (nine semester hours total). Elementary and secondary student teaching is exempted from this requirement. Note: A maximum of six semester hours of independent study/course by arrangement and internship may be taken in any one semester.

Graduation Application

Candidates for graduation must complete an application for a degree to the Registrar’s Office no later than the semester preceding the semester in which they intend to graduate. Candidates for graduation must attend the practice session, Baccalaureate, and Commencement exercises unless they obtain an exemption in writing from the Provost.

Catalog in Effect

A candidate for a degree may choose to graduate under the regulations of the catalog in force at the time of enrollment or any subsequent catalog provided that the catalog chosen is not more than seven years old. A student must have been enrolled under the catalog chosen and must conform to the degree requirements of that catalog.

Graduation Honors

Graduation honors are awarded for high academic achievement according to grade point average (GPA). Attainment of a 3.50 through 3.69 GPA will result in the designation of Cum Laude; 3.70 through 3.89 GPA will be designated Magna Cum Laude; 3.90 through 4.00 will be designated Summa Cum Laude.

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