Proficiency-Based Certification Pathway

Contact: Erin Hoff

The Commonwealth of Kentucky allows currently certified teachers to earn additional certifications via a state-approved proficiency-based pathway. Candidates seeking additional state certification via this pathway must meet all competency requirements of the standard certification program offered by Georgetown College; however, the state approving agency will consider some requirements to have been met based on teaching experience. Due the individual nature of the proficiency pathway, all enrollment plans which result in proficiency-based certification from the Kentucky state approving agency must be approved by the program chair and the Dean of Education. Please note that demonstration of proficiency may allow candidates to bypass required coursework but will not result in academic credit from Georgetown College or count toward the total hours required in a degree program.

Option 1: Standard Georgetown College Programs

The Kentucky state approving agency allows certified teachers (advanced candidates) to utilize the proficiency based pathway while completing competency requirements for the following standard Georgetown College programs:

  • Master of Arts in Education with additional certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders P-12
  • Master of Arts in Education with additional certification in Moderate and Severe Disabilities P-12
  • Master of Arts in Education with additional certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders and Moderate and Severe Disabilities Certificate P-12 (60 hour program)
  • Non-Degree Programs:
    • Moderate and Severe Disabilities Endorsement

When completed via the proficiency pathway, these programs will carry a concentration of “Proficiency Cert.” on the candidate’s official transcript. Any courses by-passed based on state proficiency pathway standards will be noted on the official transcript; however, no course credit will be earned. All degree candidates must complete at least 30 credit hours of coursework in order to complete any of the above listed degree programs.

Option 2: Non-Credential Programs

The Kentucky state approving agency also allows certified teachers (advanced candidates) to utilize the proficiency-based pathway for certifications for which Georgetown College does not offer a formal program. In such cases, candidates may take courses which will lead to certification by the state approving agency but will not lead to a credential issued by Georgetown College. Based on state standards, Georgetown College offers classes which can lead to the following state certifications via the proficiency pathway:

  • Learning and Behavior Disorders (LBD)
  • Middle School (English, Mathematics, Sciences, or Social Studies)
  • High School (Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, or Social Studies)
  • P-12 (Art, French, German, Spanish, Health and Physical Education, Instrumental Music, or Vocal Music)

For non-degree seeking candidates enrolled in the proficiency pathway, the transcript will carry a non-degree designation of “Proficiency Path” with a concentration of the certifiable area.

Financial Note: Additional fees may apply to proficiency-based certification (PBC) programs. Financial aid is typically only available for option 1 PBCs. All other PBC programs are typically not eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Planning for additional information.

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